15 in 2015: Trendspotting with Josiane Feigon

As we kick off 2015, I spend time reading about what's trending from various experts in sales. In this episode, I talk with Josiane Feigon of Tele-Smart Communications about her predictions for Inside Sales in 2015. In her tenth year producing her trends report, Josiane has been amazingly accurate, and I think this year will undoubtedly be the same. josiane-feigonsmall.jpg

In my conversation with Josiane, we talked about:
  • What's next for the "what's next" generation and what that means for sales leaders.
  • What Millennials care about and why you should too.
  • Who's got the decision making power today, and it may not be who you think.
  • Why talking head training is so yesterday and what works better instead.
  • The reasons why inside sales is hot.
And more...

Enjoy the podcast and be sure to click to download a copy of the 15 in 2015 Smart Inside Sales Trends report.

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